Navigating the New Retail Landscape Book

New Book by Alan Treadgold and Jonathan Reynolds: “Navigating the New Retail Landscape: A Guide for Business Leaders”.
Published by Oxford University Press, November 2020

Following the success of the first edition, Alan Treadgold and Jonathan Reynolds have fully updated and revised their book from the first edition published back in 2016.

The new edition includes:

  • New cases studies of retail best practice globally
  • Fully updated analysis of key trends impacting retailing and retailers globally
  • New themes exploring how the global landscape of retailing is being changed and transformed by technology and consumer change
  • New insights and guidance for business leaders on the enterprise capabilities and management attributes needed to deliver success in today’s highly volatile and uncertain times

This Second Edition was written against a backdrop of COVID-19 and explores directly the impacts of COVID-19 on retail enterprises and on the retail sector as a whole. It also addresses how retail enterprises and the leaders of those businesses will need to adapt and transform in order to secure their futures amidst enormous change and uncertainty.

Like its predecessor, this Second Edition is an accessible guide which aims to help business leaders to both understand how their industry is changing and equip them with the perspectives and skills to be successful.

This is also an optimistic book grounded in the authors’ belief that while retailing faces enormous challenges, it is also immensely rich in opportunities. At its heart, the aim of the book is to help readers to both identify and realise the opportunities in the new global landscape of retailing as well as being alert to the challenges.

Alan and Jonathan’s book is available in softback and e-book formats from all of the usual sources as well as directly from Oxford University Press by visiting: