How we work with clients

As you look for growth in today’s dynamic and uncertain business environment, our team of interdisciplinary experts are nimble and ready to help. Our flexibility in how we engage with our partner clients is a real advantage.

For some clients, we’re retained as advisors providing ongoing expertise and insight across a range of business issues. For other clients we are asked to address specific business questions of high importance to enterprise leaders.

We provide our expertise at both a corporate and a business unit/brand level, answering such questions as:

  • What business are we in and what business should we be in?
  • How customer focused are we really?
  • How do we transform into a truly customer-centric organization?
  • Where are the best growth opportunities and how should they be prioritised and realised?
  • What should be our brand and business portfolio strategy?
  • What is our innovation strategy?
  • How do we make our brand(s) more relevant?
  • What new product or service propositions should we develop?
  • What should our channel strategy be?
  • What should our digital strategy and transformation plans look like?
  • How do we keep our physical retail stores relevant?
  • How should we create a direct to consumer channel?
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